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Hello, I'm Alyssa Moore

I have been an apprentice jeweler to my father throughout my life. I was raised in the breathtaking valley of Crested Butte, nestled deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I was surrounded and inspired by the beauty of nature constantly during my upbringing, while admiring the beauty of cities from afar. By pulling the influences of pristine nature and city bling together, I have developed  a style that is unique to my work and reflects my personality, but is also enjoyed by many others. I hope that you find as much enjoyment out of my creations as I do. 

I believe that jewelry has no gender bounds and, therefore, encourage everyone to indulge themselves in a little bling once in a while. I am a LGBTQ+ community supporter and strongly believe everyone deserves the right to express their individuality however they please. This is a safe space.

 I love to work with natural stones and materials. I also like to work with man-made materials because they have looks not found in nature and can be more affordable than natural stones. I will always be transparent, to the best of my knowledge, with the materials in my jewelry. The metals used in my work are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. I use a combination of zinc based alloy, silver plated copper or brass, and sterling silver in my jewelry. At times I do use vintage beads and chains made of unknown materials in an effort to upcycle. My favorite material to work with has always been Swarovski Austrian Crystal because nothing sparkles like it does! Swarovski makes for the perfect complement to almost every material. 

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Alyssa Moore

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Hand Crafting Jewelry for over 20 years

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